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FedEx experiments with driverless deliveries in Collins County

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Multinational courier delivery services company, FedEx has begun experimenting with driverless delivery services in Collins County, Texas.

FedEx is launching a test of its new autonomous Same-Day Bot, a robot making on-demand, local deliveries of goods like pizza and auto parts.

NBC International News reports that the battery-powered robot resembles a FedEx package on all terrain wheels. Cameras and sensors are mounted to it to help the robot navigate city streets and hazards. The robot can travel unpaved surfaces, over curbs and steps

The robot weighs 200 pounds and can carry an additional 100 pounds of cargo, says NBC International News.

FedEx Office President and CEO Brian Philips said, ‘It knows its surroundings, knows how to cross the street, it can read the street lights, it knows when to turn and when to stop.’

The test period will begin in either July or August of 2019 and for the first few tests, a chaperon will accompany the robot for safety. Initially the robot will handle internal deliveries but if testing goes well, Philips states that the robot can be customized to fit the needs of companies in order to make short-distance deliveries to customers quickly.



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