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F1’s safety car could be driverless

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Formula 1 could use a driverless safety car as part of an effort to promote autonomous technology.

Autosport magazine reports that the sport’s governing body the FIA is determined to ensure that drivers remain a key element of F1’s attraction, but have discussed how it could promote driverless cars through other elements of a grand prix weekend.

Marcin Budkowski, the head of the FIA’s F1 technical department, has suggested that a driverless safety car would be a good way of proving automotive advances without detracting from the show, telling the magazine, “Let me give you an example, but it is not the only one: we have spoken about an unmanned safety car, it would promote a technology about which there is a bit of scepticism and, instead, it could be shown that it works. The safety car driver would no longer be essential, because it would leave the controls to the computer. But we must be aware of the attraction of [F1] race cars without drivers: the engineers would love it, but not the fans.”


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