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Europe’s legal adviser says Uber should be licensed like taxis

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Uber could be told it must comply with European cities’ local licensing laws, after the European Court of Justice’s advocate general suggested the ride hailing app should be regulated as a transport company.

The Guardian reports that Maciej Szpunar said Uber provides a transport service, rather than a digital service as it has argued, “The Uber electronic platform, whilst innovative, falls within the field of transport. Uber can thus be required to obtain the necessary licences and authorisations under national law,” he said.

The paper adds that while the advocate general’s opinion is non-binding, the court’s judges follow it in most cases. This means Uber may soon be subject to the same local laws that regulate taxi services in European countries.

The report says Uber will await the final ECJ ruling later this year, quoting a spokesman as saying, “Being considered a transportation company would not change the way we are regulated in most EU countries as that is already the situation today. It will, however, undermine the much needed reform of outdated laws which prevent millions of Europeans from accessing a reliable ride at the tap of a button.”


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