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Ertico head hails “revolutionary” ITS trends

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One of the key leaders in European ITS has told the ITS European Congress that three trends are revolutionising mobility around the world and is predicting convergence and an end to the “silo mentality”.

Cees de Wijs, who is chairman of the supervisory board at Ertico – ITS Europe told the opening session in Glasgow, “we are experiencing an exciting time in the ITS World, with three trends revolutionising mobility – cooperative ITS, urban freight logistics and Mobility as a Service.”

He predicted they would converge and said, “convergence is heavily driven by data exchange and connectivity, and they are likely to break down the silo thinking in our mobility environment.  That is why the Ertico partnership is working on three priorities, MaaS, cooperative and automated driving and ITS for logistics.”

“Delivering future cities now is an excellent theme,” he added, “very valid for the MaaS movement.”

He also talked about the recent truck platooning trial in the Netherlands and the Declaration of Amsterdam which, “puts automated driving on the political agenda for the coming years.”


You can hear Mr de Wijs’s opening remarks here:

(Apologies for the slight glitches in sound quality beyond our control).


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