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Electric Vehicle Group releases first standards specifications

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The e-Mobility ICT Interoperability Innovation Group, eMI³, has released its first standard specification, setting out its vision for interoperability in the EV market and establishing itself as a formal association.

Delivering what it calls a “turbo-boost” to their “vision of unlocking seamless electric vehicle (EV) driver experiences”, the group says the standards are designed to enable interoperability across EV products and services.
Focused on presenting the EV market place with a first set of industry agreed standardised use cases and business objects, the coalition of EV market players behind eMI3 hope to deliver an innovation and interoperability boost to the sector. It says interoperability matters because it accelerates the speed at which new products and services to enrich an EV driver’s experience can be launched.
In practical terms, interoperability means EV users should be able to use any charging point, in any country and benefit from any service from any supplier with ease and simplicity because cross-device communication is enabled.
eMI3 boasts a membership of over twenty internationally focused EV product and service providers ranging from car makers, original EV equipment manufacturers and utilities, and is growing.
In addition, eMI3 has also launched a “proposal for unlocking interoperability in the European EV market”.  The paper describes challenges facing eMobility in 3 main areas; setting up a fair business case for all actors respecting investments and running costs; defining clear interoperability rules and pieces of evidence; ensuring pan-European coherent and equivalent service levels.

eMI3 will operate as an independent membership based association, supported by ERTICO.


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