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EasyPark Group launches “Find & Park” service in Rotterdam

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EasyPark Group has announced the beta version of a parking guidance service to help drivers find an available parking space in the city of Rotterdam.

Find & Park guides the driver turn-by-turn along the optimal path to find available parking on the street, or in a garage close to their destination.

I’m really proud of what our team has been able to achieve here and I truly believe Find & Park will have a positive impact on the city of Rotterdam,” said CEO Johan Birgersson.  “Faster paths to available parking spaces not only reduce congestion and emissions, but also reduce a lot of stress and frustration experienced by motorists. Unlike expensive, sensor-based solutions, Find & Park combines parking data with various other data sources to then calculate the optimal route for drivers to find parking along the way to the destination.”

The company says the system builds a high-resolution map of parking availablity by using advanced algorithms to process various data sources including transaction data, device tracking data, sensor data and floating car data.

Motorists in Rotterdam can now try the beta version of Find & Park for themselves within the existing EasyPark app, simply by tapping the ‘Find’ icon at the bottom left hand corner of the home screen.

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