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Dyson planning electric car – report

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It’s being reported that the vacuum cleaner maker Dyson has secured government funding for work on a “new battery electric vehicle”.

The Management Today website reports that the “cat may be out of the bag” after the firm began branching out beyond its range of vacuums, after its CEO Max Conze confirmed the company would spend £1bn on batteries by 2020.

Last year Conze said Dyson was ‘ruling nothing out’ and like Apple ‘are also unhealthily obsessive when it comes to taking apart our products to make them better’.

The government document, within the National Infrastructure Delivery Plan, revealed the public funding and said it should be a boost to the area, securing ‘£174m of investment…creating over 500 jobs’.

“But why electric cars?”, asks the report, “Many think they’re where the automotive industry is headed (along with driverless cars – though they come with their own set of problems, not least liability.  Tough emissions targets are being rolled out across the EU, so we are seeing manufacturers beavering away to develop electric and/or hybrid versions of their cars.”

The report finishes by saying, “Dyson’s billion-pound bet on batteries suggest that it might have made some headway in that area, but even so it’s a huge jump to go from from making vacuum cleaners to making cars. Founder James Dyson will need all of his legendary inventiveness and determination to pull this one off.”


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