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Dynniq to upgrade York’s traffic lights

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Dynniq has been awarded a five year contract to deliver the Traffic Signals Asset Renewal (TSAR) programme to upgrade existing traffic signals equipment across the City of York.

New signals, LED upgrades, integration of new technologies, and ongoing maintenance are required as part of the project which it believes will ensure that traffic technology assets in the City “continue to offer a safe and reliable service”.

Dynniq says that by introducing LED signals, the Council will realise significant cost savings on their energy bill, and a notable reduction in CO2 emissions.  In addition, the inclusion of above ground video vehicle detection “make for safer crossings and better vehicle detection with minimal installation disruption and costs”.

Over five years the programme will see Dynniq replace around sixty traffic signal junctions and crossings with completely new equipment to a newly developed standard York specification.  These installations will utilise the latest traffic controllers from the Dynniq PTC-1 family and TLED signal heads.  The programme also includes replacement of ducting and physical changes to junctions to bring them up to the latest design standards.

Darren Capes, Transport Systems Manager at the City of York Council said, “I am very pleased to be working with Dynniq to deliver the Traffic Signals Asset Renewal programme for York.  As with many local authorities, we face the problem of maintaining ageing traffic signal equipment in a cost effective way.  The programme Dynniq are now delivering will see around 60 traffic signal sites across the City completely rebuilt to latest standards and will increase reliability, allow the introduction of new technologies and reduce maintenance costs over the coming years”.



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