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Dynniq rebrand “a success”, new products being showcased

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The UK Managing Director of Dynniq has told Smart Highways that the company’s rebrand is complete and that the industry has “welcomed the refresh”.

Daniel Ruiz has been telling editor Paul Hutton about the changes since the name change in April and also describing two key products being demonstrated at the ITS European Congress in Glasgow.

Dynniq has developed a new air quality monitoring system which largely uses existing data, meaning authorities do not need to install a large number of detectors.  “There is no need for massive investment for additional infrastructure because there is a large amount of data from floating vehicle data, Google, satellites, and all that can be put together to give a very, very clear picture that we’ve proven to be accurate of where the air quality hotspots are,” he said.  “Using existing traffic control systems you can dissipate the areas of poor air quality simply by gating them using existing traffic signals.”

Ruiz also showed Paul a new system which allows drivers to know the phasing of traffic lights.  The system uses existing data from systems such as SCOOT and displays them on an app, with advice as to the speed the driver should drive at in order to reach the next set of signals when they are green.  The idea is that drivers have less stress and use less fuel, meaning fewer emissions, because they can tailor their driving to the phasing of lights with less unnecessary acceleration and idling.

You can hear the full interview here:

And because the interview is fairly long, if you just want to hear about the demonstrator of the traffic light app, you can hear that here:


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