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Dynamic wireless power transfer to vehicles a step closer – audio

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A study by TRL – the Transport Research Laboratory – suggests that wireless transfer of power from the roadway is a feasible way to extend the range of electric vehicles (EVs).

The company’s Head of Low Carbon Vehicle and ITS technology, Denis Naberezhnykh, contributed to a session on the subject yesterday at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux.

“We undertook a feasibility study for Highways England which looked into the financial and technical possibility to power vehicles on the highway,” he told Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton, “to facilitate longer electric vehicle journeys and perhaps encourage EV take up.  That led to an evidence base and a recommendation to proceed to testing this technology in the UK.”

Wireless charging could help achieving the critical mass of EVs by allowing charging while driving.  In the fascinating interview, below, you’ll hear more on how it works and why only a small proportion of the roadway would have to be equipped to hugely increase the range of the vehicles.

Denis is a member of the Smart Highways editorial board.


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