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Dutch plan lorry platooning challenge

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The Dutch government says that during its Presidency of the European Union this year, it will initiate a “European Truck Platooning Challenge”.

This will involve various brands of automated trucks driving in columns (platooning), on public roads from several European cities to the Netherlands including, it suggests, main European ITS corridors could be used like the Nordic Way and Rotterdam-Frankfurt-Vienna.

It says the aim of the Challenge is to bring platooning one step closer to implementation, in a statement the organisers say “we believe that truck platooning can become a reality in Europe in the near future”.

At the same time, they say, “realisation will depend on bringing together member states and private parties with a view to crossing borders while harmonising policies and technical issues.  Close cooperation between significant partners in the truck industry, logistics services, research institutes and governmentals can realise the ‘big picture’.”

It then says truck platooning will become routine and that the Netherlands aims to make this close cooperation happen.

The project will start on 6th April.


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