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Drivy discusses modal shifts and money making

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SMART Highways reporter Emma Greedy spoke to Katy Medlock, Head of UK at Drivy about modal shifts and the money that users can make from car rental.

Car-sharing service Drivy has offered some reasoning behind the current popularity of car rental, and it’s mainly to do with saving money.

At the beginning of 2019, Drivy conducted a survey of their users travel and car habits. The survey found for its 72% of users who don’t own cars, they tend to have greener and more active transport habits, as they mostly walk (56%), use public transports (76%) or bike (31%) for everyday travel.

”While cutting down on congestion and air pollution is key for us, the reality is that many of the people listing their cars on the service are financially motivated. Most car owners are looking to offset the ever increasing costs of owning their car,’ said Medlock.

‘There are incredible financial benefits,’ replied Medlock when asked what could motivate users to sign up to car rental. ‘It is expensive to run a car. But when the maintenance and running costs are removed and replaced with on demand hire, the savings are substantial.’

A car owner could make up to £500 per month renting their car to other people, according to data provided by Drivy. However, ‘the exact figure will really depend on a number of factors including the make and model of the car, its location and availability on the platform,’ said Medlock.


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