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Drivers may not behave differently around autonomous vehicles

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New research from TRL as part of the GATEway driverless cars project in Greenwich suggests that behaviour among human drivers would remain largely unchanged in the presence of autonomous vehicles.

Writing in the ITS (UK) publication ITS Review, the company says it undertook trials in its ‘DigiCar’ driving simulator to explore how motorists will respond to self driving vehicles in an urban environment.

Participants completed a series of short simulated driving scenarios within a 3D virtual replica of the Greenwich Peninsula, including overtaking and junction driving tasks. The ‘recognisability’ and proportion of automated vehicles in traffic was varied to represent the transitional phase between a fully and partially automated vehicle fleet.

Results indicated that the majority of motorists did not change their behaviour and continued to make decisions about overtaking or pulling out into traffic based on gap size assessments and judgements of safety.


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