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Driverless vehicle travels on public road in Netherlands

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An electric, driverless shuttle bus has taken to Dutch public roads for the first time.

The Daily Mail reports that six passengers have been taxied more than 200 yards along a stretch of road in what they’re calling “the first trial of its kind worldwide.”

The WEpod, which was showcased at last October’s ITS World Congress in Bordeaux is to be one of a fleet to be rolled out in coming years in the town of Wageningen.

The report quotes the project’s technical director, Jan Willem van der Wiel as saying, “An unmanned vehicle has never been used on public roads.”

The WEpod is a self-propelled vehicle without control and without pedals, running completely automatically on electricity and inside the shuttle is a six-seater cab with automatic doors and a ramp for wheelchair use.

Using cameras, radar and laser sensors, WEpod collects information about its surroundings.

On-board computers combine all data and give commands to the brakes and steering.

Click here to see the WEpod in action at the World Congress (phone footage).

(Picture credit – Daily Mail)


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