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Driverless Nissan accused of driving too close to cyclist

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A cycling website has published video footage of what is says is a driverless car passing too close to a cyclist during trials in London. says a French journalist inadvertently captured the footage of the Nissan driverless car failing to give sufficient room when overtaking.  It says the console on the Nissan driverless car alerts the “driver” – Tetsuya Iijima of Nissan – that a cyclist is ahead on the Royal Albert Way dual carriageway in Newham, but the car does not move over into the empty overtaking lane, and no over-ride took place.

It adds that Rule 163 of the Highway Code states that motorists should give cyclists (and pedestrians and equestrians) as much space as they would give a motor vehicle when overtaking.

You can see the video for yourself and make up your mind here.


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