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Driverless cars vital for UK growth – viewpoint

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Director of the transport planning consultancy Vectos has responded to reports suggesting British road users are concerned about driverless vehicles by saying that the move to such technology is “inevitable”.

Mike Axon has told Smart Highways “The technology exists, it is the legislation and public acceptance that need to catch up.  People are naturally very reluctant to understand or embrace it, but it is coming and it is the job of the people who know about it, from carmakers to transport experts, to sell the benefits and allay people’s fears.

“Projects such as the driverless pods in Milton Keynes and the self-drive stackable cars coming to the Hillington Business Park in Glasgow are the first steps in giving people a chance to see the reality of driverless and self-drive, short distance public transport,” he added.  “Schemes such as these will play a hugely important step in selling the benefits to people.”

Mr Axon is certain that the UK must make more of its transport infrastructure if it is to continue growing.  “That means getting more people into the economic transport corridors which we have.  Automated vehicles allow you to do that.  We are entering a fundamental change in mobility in the UK in the next 10-15 years.”


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