Driverless cars to “create a $7tn industry” | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Driverless cars to “create a $7tn industry”

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New research for Intel is suggesting that a “Passenger Economy” based on driverless vehicles is on the horizon and that it holds “massive economic potential”.

In assessing this opportunity, Strategy Analytics and Intel think the Passenger Economy represents a US$7 trillion global opportunity in 2050.   It ways the technology will stimulate value creation from the adoption of Mobility-as-a-Service and other new mobility services as well as emerging new applications and services and from savings in time and money associated with vehicle use and from the resulting freedom of movement.

It adds that the research finds that autonomous driving technology will drive change across a range of industries, and “defining a new landscape of concierge and ride-hailing services, as well as pilotless vehicle options for businesses in industries like package delivery and long-haul transportation”.


It adds that consumer use of a range of Mobility-as-a-Service offerings will account for US$3.7 trillion, nearly 55% of all revenues, business use of Mobility-as-a-Service will generate US$3 trillion as industries like transportation and freight delivery and sales and service fleets will utilise pilotless vehicle technology to reshape their fundamental businesses and to leverage new opportunities, while new emerging applications and services will account for US$203 billion of revenues, generated from the use of a range of new use cases for pilotless vehicles in industries like hotel and hospitality, restaurant and dining, tourism and entertainment, healthcare, and service delivery of all kinds.


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