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Driverless cars to be key part of Queen’s Speech

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It’s widely reported that the Government is to highlight driveless cars as a key policy commitment for the coming year.

Newspapers over the weekend trailed the Queen’s Speech on Wednesday saying it will include a vow to “make Britain a world leader in modern transport including driverless cars and unmanned drones.”

The Telegraph quotes Patrick McLoughlin, the Transport Secretary, saying new rules would be developed to help motorists get the right insurance in order to use a new breed of driverless cars, while laws would be drawn up to regulate the growth in unmanned commercial drones in British skies.

“Driverless cars and commercial space flight might seem like science fiction, but the economic potential of the new technology is huge,” it quotes.  “If we want to propel Britain’s economy into the modern age, and generate the jobs that will come with it, it is vital that the right rules are in place to allow new transportation to flourish.”

The Mail commented that driverless cars, drones and space travel will “form the centrepiece of a Queen’s Speech which will echo Harold Wilson’s famous invocation of the ‘white heat of technology’.”

The package of what it calls “science fiction-sounding measures” to be announced in Her Majesty’s speech on Wednesday is part of David Cameron’s strategy to portray Britain as a cutting-edge innovator on the world stage.

It says legislation will be introduced to ensure driverless cars can be insured under ordinary policies.

(Picture – a Venturer autonomous vehicle, one of three driverless car projects in Britain at present)


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