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Driverless cars could save UK families £3,000 pa – report

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A new study is predicting that the arrival of self-driving cars could have a huge effect on people’s daily lives, including a huge cut in car ownership and massive savings in transport costs for families.

The Daily Express says the report – from automotive industry specialists Vendigital – is based on what we know about the way in which current developments in automated vehicle technologies, combined with the widely-held desire to make travelling by car easier and more enjoyable.

The report’s author, Mark Waterman, is quoted in the newspaper as saying, “as well as transforming the way we use Britain’s road network, driverless vehicles have the potential to dramatically change our lives for the better in a number of surprising ways.  This is likely to be the biggest cultural change for several generations.”

The Express adds that among the main findings are the time and money that drivers will save when driverless motoring becomes commonplace.

For example, it predicts that in the future the current situation where most British households owning and running at least one car will become a thing of the past, as personal car ownership reduces by about 95%, with motorists taking advantage of on-demand access to high-quality driverless vehicles to get them from A to B.

As a result, the average cost of motoring would also fall dramatically, from the current £3,400 per year (calculated based on a small family car doing 8,000 miles per year) to around £350 per year.

“Is has become very clear that there are enormous benefits to a step-change shift in our relationship with cars and the way we use them,” Mark Waterman is further quoted by the Express.  “It is difficult to overstate this: it is probably going to be more impactful to our society than the advent of mobile phones, for example, and could be the most significant social change for several generations.

“We have an opportunity in the UK to take a global lead in this area and we are well positioned to do so and to benefit accordingly.


“Driverless motoring is coming – it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’, but the longer it takes the less the UK might benefit.”


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