Driverless cars could be “fully loaded weapons” | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Driverless cars could be “fully loaded weapons”

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The boss of BlackBerry is warning that driverless cars could be hacked and deployed for terror attacks because they will be programmed with more lines of code than a typical fighter jet, “offering enormous scope for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities to insert malware”.

The Telegraph says that the mobile phone technology company’s CEO John Chen has warned, “A car could easily be infected with viruses [and] is literally a fully loaded weapon. If hackers can get hold of it, you can imagine what they could do.”

He added that the industry was working hard to reduce the risks.

“I can create a car I think is 90 per cent virus free but as soon as that car gets on the road and is being used, those conditions need to be regularly checked,” Mr Chen is quoted as saying, and added that unlike a jet,  all of the code comes from different sources, which can exacerbate its  vulnerabilities to cyber attacks.

Mr Chen has called for governments to set safety standards that tech giants can adhere to as they develop driverless vehicles.


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