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Driverless car pioneer gives thoughts on future

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Chris Urmson, the man behind the Google Car project, has given his thoughts on the future of the technology including his believe that vehicles need to be designed from scratch.

In an article on, Urmson, who’s now CEO of the driverless car team at Aurora, is quoted as saying incremental driver assistance systems will not become into driverless cars, commenting on “one of the big open debates” in the driverless car world as between Tesla (and other automakers’) vs Google’s approach and that the former’s approach is “let’s just keep on making incremental systems and, one day, we’ll turn around and have a self-driving car.”  The latter is “No, no, these are two distinct problems. We need to apply different technologies.”

Urmson, it says, is “fundamentally in the Google camp.” He believes there is a discrete step in the design space when you have to turn your back on human intervention and trust the car will not have anyone to take control. The incremental approach, he argues, will guide developers down a selection of technologies that will limit the ability to bridge over to fully driverless capabilities.

Also in the article, he discusses how “There is a lot more chaos on the road than most recognise,” and that “Human intent is the fundamental challenge for driverless cars”.

You can read the article here.


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