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Double yellows painted in alleway too narrow to drive down

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Double yellow lines have been painted in an alleyway in Swindon that is too narrow to drive down.

Nathalie Fisher, a local resident, told the BBC it was a “bit of a mystery” as “you couldn’t even fit a motorbike down it.”

Swindon Borough Council said the authority will be “taking it up” with their contractors.

Fisher, who lives on Newhall Street, said it had been “good that the council came around to clean all of the back alleyways up”.

She added: “But to find out the only reason was to double yellow everything they could physically see was a bit of a mystery.”

The council said local residents had asked the authority to “deal with illegal parking in alleyways”.

A spokesman said: “It seems that our contractors forgot just how big cars actually are when they painted this one. We will be taking it up with them.”

Road Safety Markings Association director George Lee said: “Rather than blaming its contractors Swindon Borough Council needs to look a bit closer to home over who is actually responsible for these lines being painted. It is too easy to blame the contractor, however, the council must have issued the order for the work and since it is double yellow lines they must also have raised and issued a Traffic Regulation Order, which must also have been published either on the internet or in the local paper. In short there are a number of local authority officers that must have initiated the work and they need to take responsibility instead of trying to pass the buck to the contractor undertaking their instructions. The money wasted on this project could also have been spent more effectively on safety critical road markings, so the local authority needs to get its act together.”


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