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Dashcam footage scheme now Wales-wide

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Motorists across the whole of Wales can now report incidents of bad driving using footage from their dashcams after Gwent Police joined the scheme.

The South Wales Argus reports that Operation Snap, initially piloted by the GoSafe unit in North Wales Police and the Road Casualty Reduction Partnership, has now been introduced Wales-wide following further developments by South Wales Police and GoSafe.  The footage could show dangerous driving, using a mobile phone while driving or ignoring traffic lights.

It says the scheme gives members of the public the power to assist forces in taking action against those who put other road users at risk.

The joint initiative between the four Welsh police forces, GoSafe and the Crown Prosecution Service, has attracted support from Cycling UK and The British Horse Society as well as families who have lost loved ones as the result of a road traffic offence.

Inspector Lee Ford of Gwent police told the newspaper the new initiative has already shown examples of “some very bad driving.”

He said, “Operation Snap is a relatively new initiative allowing members of the public submit to submit footage of motoring offences to police.  The aim is to influence road users behaviour and thereby make the roads safer for all.”


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