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Dartford Crossing user invoiced 2p

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A man from Ashford in Kent is reported to have been billed two pence for using the Dartford Crossing.

The Kentonline website reports Ted Prangnell received a letter from Dart Charge, explaining that he owed money to the company, which operates the Dartford crossing.

It says the letter told him he must “top up his account with a minimum of £10 and even went as far as to recommend he should set up a direct debit.”

In response, Mr Prangnell sent Dart Charge a letter with two 1p coins attached and asked for a receipt in return.

Mr Prangnell said: “I do not believe I owe them any money at all, but to keep them quiet I sent a letter with two 1p coins attached and asked for a receipt.

“I did wonder whether it would be practical to pay such a small amount by cheque and decided against it.”

The report adds that Mr Prangnell explained that he had tried to open an account with the company over the phone but Dart Charge took more than six months to verify.

Once he finally received the account number he tried to use the online service but soon gave up and bought tickets for the Thames crossing from a local shop.


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