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Dartford Crossing operators under fire for “incorrect” fines

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A report in Sunday’s Observer has listed a series of complaints by customers about the free-flow charging at the Dartford Crossing.

It has heard from people who have been charged for crossings even though it was not their vehicle in the picture, and has further detailed times when the appeals process has been difficult for drivers wishing to contest the charge.

It quotes one man, Roger Bundy, who complained that the ANPR camera mixed up a C and a G, but led to him having a series of letters demanding payment.

It says that, in December Mr Bundy, from Blandford Forum in Dorset, was threatened with court proceedings and in March a debt collecting firm advised that they would commence legal action within 14 days.  “I sent a letter to Dart Charge [the system for paying the toll], the court and the bailiffs with photos of our vehicle and their photo of the white van,”he says. “Now I’m waiting, wondering if the next knock at the door is the bailiffs.”

The report says that only when the Observer contacted Highways England about the case the agency did acknowledge the mistake. “There have clearly been errors here, both when issuing the penalty and in not cancelling it in a timely manner when the mistake was first brought to our attention,” a spokesperson told them. “We have written to the Bundys to apologise in full and confirm that all enforcement action has been cancelled.”

Other complaints about incorrect vehicles or payments applied to the wrong day are also listed.  Click on the link to read the full report.


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