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Daimler videos promote platooning

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Daimler Trucks has posted a series of new videos promoting its Highway Pilot Connect system, with three freight trucks platooning and running on the autobahn near Dusseldorf.

The Driverless Transportation website comments that each of the short videos rely on the visuals to make their point, so viewers don’t have to speak German or English to get a sense of connected vehicle communications.

There are shots of the dashboard showing the Connect system on, the three trucks running in tandem, the drivers taking their hands off the wheel as the truck operates autonomously, and the trucks stopping simultaneously.

One video presents the concept of platooning, while the others highlight how the trucks handle a specific road event – a lane change, a cut-in vehicle, and an emergency braking.

Daimler says the trucks can run 15 metres apart, reducing aerodynamic drag.

Last year the American state of Nevada gave Daimler the OK to operate two of its Freightliner trucks on its roads.

Here are the three highlight videos– Lane Change;

Cut-in Vehicle;

Emergency Braking.


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