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Contractors warned over sign colours

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Highways contractors are being warned they could be breaking traffic regulations with their use of colour portable Variable Message Signs.

Sign developer and supplier Mobile Traffic Solutions believes some firms may be unaware of rules in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions of 2002 and the amendments which came into force last year outlawing the use of certain colours for text on variable message signs.

The regulations state that symbols or text must be displayed in white, off-white or yellow.

Paul Brickman, Sales Director at MTS, said: “The VMS can incorporate a red triangle or circle, but under no circumstances can the text be red or any other colour except white, off-white or yellow.

“We are seeing an increasing number of signs using red, blue and green to form text that is clearly aimed at traffic.

“This goes against  the clear guidance on the use of variable message signs contained in the TSRGD 2002.

“Contractors and hire outlets need to familiarise themselves with the rules and make sure someone on the job is responsible for policing the use of VMS to avoid the risk of non-compliance and the creation of an unenforceable road traffic sign.”

MTS is urging hire companies and project managers to source from distributors of completely compliant VMS systems.

Brickman added: “Multiple colours on one page are often combined with multiple scrolling pages – something that was outlawed by regulation 58(10) in last year’s amendments.

“Ultimately it’s our customer who controls the displayed message, but at MTS we offer all our customers the advice surrounding the lawful creation of road traffic signage.

“The rules clearly state that a VMS must display the whole message at the same time. We’re concerned that some firms are putting themselves in danger of prosecution, but it’s relatively simple to ensure compliance and maximum safety.

“Anyone looking to hire or buy VMS technology needs to get to know the rules, and MTS is always happy to advise to give extra piece of mind.”




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