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Contactless parking system “first of its kind” in Bournemouth

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Car park systems company WPS is introducing its contactless payment technology to a site in Bournemouth.

In what is believed to be the first installation of its kind, WPS, has replaced the existing pay-and-display ticket-based system with its WPS ParkAdvance™ solution which it says “harnesses the power of the latest payment technology.”

When a customer uses their contactless cardat the point of entry a virtual ‘token’ is created, converting information from the card on a secure closed system; rather like TfL’s contactless system.  When the customer comes to leave, a fee is calculated based on the length of stay and deducted from the card.

WPS says that for the busiest car parks with multiple entry/exit lanes like the Richmond Gardens site in Bournemouth, “the potential is enormous”.

Elaine Smith, Deputy Parking Services Manager at Bournemouth Council, says that WPS was chosen in a competitive tender, “WPS ticked all the right boxes in terms of being forward thinking and able to offer flexible payment options, something we recognised as being central to creating a long-term parking solution.



It’s interesting that parking could be kept track of on your card. My husband and I have lost our tickets before and that was a headache. I like the idea of using your card since you’ll be able to keep track of it easier than a paper ticket.