Consumers “still not confident in self-driving and electric cars” | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Consumers “still not confident in self-driving and electric cars”

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A survey by J.D. Power has found that consumers have a “low level of confidence” for autonomous vehicles and a “neutral level of confidence” for electric vehicles.

Main concerns about connected vehicles reportedly include a high fear of failure at 71% and 57% fear that the vehicle could be compromised while on the road.

IoT News reports that the general population also believe driverless technology is further behind in development than experts predict. The survey found that consumers believe driverless cars are around decade away, while most industry analysts expect the vehicles to be on the streets in around 5 to 6 years.

Consumers expressed their concern about current battery limitations for electric vehicles. The survey found that 74% said they would not be willing to wait longer than 30 minutes for a charge that will give them a 200-mile range.

According to IoT News consumers also cast doubt on the availability of charging infrastructure, electric cars’ reliability, and their cost.

More than half  of those surveyed, 61%, said that they thought electric vehicles are better for the environment, said IoT News.


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