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Connected vehicles still need infrastructure support – audio

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There will always be a need for connected vehicles to have support from infrastructure on the roadside, according to Oxfordshire based Navtech Radar.

Managing Director Philip Avery told Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton that, although vehicles might know where each other are, there will still need to be monitoring to protect cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users.

The company gave a presentation on the issue at the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux today (Tuesday).

He says radar is an obvious solution: “We were talking about the use of radar systems for providing complete situational awareness at intersections and junctions with a view to supplying that data to both driven and autonomous vehicles, and the main benefit of that system versus other alternative approaches is that it provides a complete picture as opposed to a picture from one perspective.

“There’s a certain amount of data that can be gleaned from other vehicles, the issue is that individual vehicles will only have perspective from where they are – you will always have vehicles and vulnerable road users who will not be connected… and therefore this system will deal with ‘non-cooperative’ users”.

You can hear his interview in full here:


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