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Connected car hackers “could kill millions” – claim

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An American computer science expert is warning modern cars could be turned into “lethal weapons” by computer hackers working for enemy states or terrorists.

The Sun reports that Justin Cappos from New York University is warning that any car built since 2005 can be controlled remotely and many up to 17 years old are also vulnerable.

“Many of our enemies are nuclear powers but any nation with the ability to launch a cyberstrike could kill millions of civilians by hacking cars. It’s daunting,” he said.

He points to the hacking of a Jeep Renegade model two years ago.

The report also quotes Carsten Maple, professor of cyber engineering at the University of Warwick, saying, “We’ve already seen vehicles used as weapons. Cybersecurity researchers must ensure systems are engineered to stop new attacks.”

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders added that new cars were already being equipped with the “means to prevent remote hacking through regular software upgrades”.

(Picture – Wired Magazine)


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