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Congress hailed as a breakthrough year – audio

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One of Britain’s most knowledgable people when it comes to ITS has hailed the World Congress in Bordeaux as a breakthrough year when we finally see a self driving vehicle working.

Andy Graham, who owns White Willow Consulting told Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton: “I’m very pleased to see a self driving vehicle on the mixed traffic road with pedestrians and people from the ITS industry trying to throw themselves in front of it, that’s for real, that’s insured… it’s a real product, it’s not a 3D simulation, it’s the Real McCoy.”

Andy hailed the some of the exhibitors and demonstrators for “showing stuff that was not quite perfect” and likened them to the Wright Brothers: “They didn’t try to fly the Atlantic with their first flight – they got up and did something and for me that’s very impressive”.

In a wide-ranging interview Andy also talks about technical issues he spotted at the event, a more diverse attendee list, connectivity, the UK’s place in the ITS world and the fact that products are now tested for real rather than merely looking at a simulation.

You can hear Andy’s excellent thoughts here:


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