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Common computing platform for autonomous vehicles to be developed by new consortium

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Leading companies from the automotive and computing industries have announced a collaborative effort toward making fully self-driving vehicles a reality.

The new Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium (AVCC), officially launched at Arm TechCon in San Jose, aims to bring together industry leaders from automotive, automotive supply, semiconductor and computing to serve as the leading organisation for autonomous computing expertise.

Together with the consortium’s growing membership, the initial AVCC members Arm, Bosch, Continental, DENSO, General Motors, NVIDIA, NXP Semiconductors and Toyota have announced they will collaborate to help solve some of the most significant challenges to deploy self-driving vehicles at scale.

The AVCC said the first step toward achieving this vision and the common objective of the consortium is to develop a set of recommendations of a system architecture and a computing platform that reconciles the performance requirements of autonomous systems with the vehicle-specific requirements and limitations in terms of size, temperature range, power consumption and safety. These recommendations will be specially developed to move autonomous vehicles from today’s prototype systems to deployment at scale.

Dipti Vachani, senior vice president and general manager, Automotive and IoT Line of Business said, “The future of mobility and the safe, scalable deployment of advanced driver assistance systems to fully autonomous vehicles for mass production requires unprecedented industry collaboration. The AVCC brings together leaders from across the automotive industry landscape to tackle complex foundational technological and computing challenges to accelerate our path to a truly autonomous future.”

“As well as the development of hardware, there is a large and sophisticated autonomous vehicle software stack required,” said Michael Meier, director of engineering and product management, Drivers Assistance and Automated Driving, Bosch. “As part of the AVCC, Bosch will help to develop recommendations for software APIs for each building block in an autonomous system.”


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