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Colorado could ban red light cameras

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Colorado’s lawmakers are considering a bill to ban red-light cameras in the state., the website of ABC TV’s affiliate in Denver, reports the bill, co-sponsored by representatives Stephen Humphrey and Jovan Melton, would repeal the right for local jurisdictions to use all automated vehicle identification systems, including photo radar vans and red-light cameras.

It says this is the fourth attempt to ban the technology – a previous attempt made it all the way to former Governor John Hickenlooper’s desk, but was vetoed. Others have been postponed indefinitely in legislative committees.

It quotes Melton as saying the cameras don’t make the intersections substantially safe but just changes the types of accidents that occur at these intersections, “We’re seeing an increase in rear-end accidents because somebody might see that the light is turning yellow and not want to risk getting a ticket, so they stop early and the person behind them wasn’t expecting them to stop. We’re not seeing that it’s actually increasing safety.”

The website says that in Aurora, one of the areas Melton represents, voters overwhelming decided to get rid of the cameras during the November election.


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