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Clearview showcases “the benefits of enhanced delineation”

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A collection of videos promoting the visible benefits of SolarLite Road Studs compared to their retro-reflective counterparts has been released by Clearview Intelligence ahead of the clocks changing in Europe later this month.

The company says it has produced the short videos to demonstrate a comparable performance of its SolarLite Road Studs in four different limited visibility driving conditions.

Focusing on dusk, night-time, foggy and rainy conditions when the studs are most impactful, the videos show how the SolarLite alternative provides enhanced delineation resulting in visibility up to ten times further than traditional retro-reflective studs.

Wayne Stant, Strategy and Marketing Director for Clearview Intelligence, said, “At this time of year, with the darker nights and adverse weather conditions having an increasing impact on driver visibility, effective road delineation is more important than ever. But rather than try and explain the enhanced performance of the SolarLite Road Studs, it is easier and more effective to show it.

“Traditional retro-reflective studs can help delineate the road up to 90 metres ahead whereas our SolarLite Road Studs can be seen up to 900 metres away. Not only does that offer ten times more visibility but also ten times longer for drivers to react to changes in the road. This approach has been proven to increase driver confidence and reduce accidents while the studs’ longer operational lifespan provides a more cost-effective solution to road operators.”

The series of CGI videos show the performance of the SolarLite and reflective studs in four different conditions, with a split screen offering a like-for-like comparison in each scenario.

Clearview says the SolarLite Road Studs have been proven to reduce night-time accidents by more than 70% and a recent survey following the installation of SolarLite Road Studs on the A1 in Scotland showed 78% of drivers felt more confident using the road at night.

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