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Clearview announces quick-install journey time monitoring system

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A new journey time monitoring system that can be set up in minutes to generate automatic traffic alerts for temporary and permanent routes has been launched by Clearview Intelligence.

The company says that, unlike traditional route monitoring systems which require hardwired roadside technology for Bluetooth or WIFI detection, Clearview’s Journey Time Monitoring application utilises crowdsourced data. The system operates on a subscription basis where an operator ‘subscribes’ to a set number of routes.

It addes this approach eliminates the need for roadside infrastructure meaning route monitoring can be set up in minutes and has the inbuilt flexibility to change routes according to the operator’s needs.

Paul Bates, Head of Product Management for Clearview Intelligence said, “Our Journey Time Monitoring application is more cost effective than traditional route monitoring systems because of its simplicity and flexibility. There are no costs or roadworker risks associated with installing and maintaining roadside technology; the application can be launched from the safety of a computer with operators receiving data within minutes rather than waiting for days for the system to be installed, configured and commissioned.

“This approach provides more choice for customers who were previously restricted by the need for roadside infrastructure. The application can be set up on a long-term basis for strategic road networks, or temporarily for incidents such as roadworks or events. And with automated alerts, it means instead of employing someone to watch CCTV in case of an incident, they can be deployed elsewhere in the business, offering better use of valuable resource.”

By inputting the coordinates of two locations, the Journey Time Monitoring application will use crowdsourced data to monitor the time taken to travel between the two points. If the time exceeds a pre-determined ‘normal’ travel time, an alert will generate to advise the operator of slowing or stationary traffic. This will allow immediate or long-term action to be taken to help alleviate congestion.

All of the data, including the chosen routes, average travel times and alert intervals, can be input by the operator and changed at any point. The information can then be used to inform drivers of the time it takes to travel to the end destination using Variable Message Signs.

Clearview says an additional feature of the Journey Time Monitoring application is the ability to view the data as heatmap reports and graphs which are automatically generated. Using different colours, as chosen by the operator, to highlight normal or slowing traffic, reports quickly highlight periods of congestion which can be used to identify trends.


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