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Claims ultra-low vehicles would save £24.5bn

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It’s being claimed that British motorists are missing out on savings of almost £24.5 billion every year by not taking advantage of ultra low emission motoring.

The figures, from the government and industry-backed Go Ultra Low campaign, suggest that – while the average cost to fuel a petrol or diesel car is around 12p-per-mile – the equivalent cost for an ultra low emission vehicle is just 2p-per-mile.

So, they say, with the average car travelling around 7,500 miles each year, the difference in annual spend between the two options is “a substantial” £750 – thus equating £24.5 bn across the nation’s 32.6 million cars.

Hetal Shah, Head of the Go Ultra Low campaign, added: “After buying a house, a car is the second most expensive purchase that most of us will ever make.  Consumers are therefore looking for an option that gives them better value for money on an ongoing basis.  With fuel costs from just 2p-per-mile, no road tax, no congestion charge and free parking in many locations, electric cars certainly present a compelling proposition.  Put simply: the more you drive, the more you save.

“Added to that, there is now a whole host of electric vehicles available to suit any lifestyle, from city run-arounds and family hatchbacks to 4x4s and sports cars.”


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