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Chip maker launches “world’s first car super computer”

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The American chipset vendor Nvidia has announced a new product – Drive PX2 – which it is describing as “the world’s first in-car super computer”.

The Mobile World Live website reports that, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, CEO Jens-Hsun-Huang described how “several thousand man years have gone into advances in self-driving cars at Nvidia over the last year,” since its predecessor the Drive PX was launched.

However he acknowledged developing a car that can perceive, and negotiate, obstacles for itself on busy streets is not straightforward.

“Self-driving cars is hard,” he’s quoted as saying, because changeable factors such as roadworks and pedestrians.  “It can be chaotic, complex and sometimes hazardous”.

Mobile World Live says the solution, he argued, is to use Artificial Intelligence to enable major advances in areas such as image recognition, which are central to autonomous driving.  Drive PX2 is based on AI.

It adds that Nvidia’s strategy involves a so-called deep learning platform for self-driving cars, involving a cloud-connected world where an individual vehicle reports back to the wider network about changing conditions.  The network then updates other cars on the road.


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