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Chinese driverless cars complete long-distance trial

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Two self-driving cars have completed a 1,240 mile journey in China’s first long-distance road test for autonomous vehicles. reports the vehicles, produced by Chang’an Automobile, left the southwestern city of Chongqing on Tuesday and arrived at Beijing on Saturday afternoon.

It says the cars successfully drove a distance from other vehicles, changed lanes, overtook and performed other maneuvers including three-point turns automatically but still need the help of a driver in certain road sections and gas stations, the designers said.

The cars reached about 75 miles per hour.

Tan Benhong, deputy director of the Chang’an Automobile Engineering & Research Institute, told the site they would improve the technologies based on the results of the test and then to prepare for mass production.

Chang’an plans to put driverless cars into commercial use in 2018, he added.

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