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Carmakers wary of sharing data – report

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It’s reported that carmakers are limiting the data they share with Apple and GoogleR through new systems that link smartphones to vehicle infotainment systems, defending access to information about what drivers do in their cars.   

An article by Reuters says that auto companies hope the vehicle data will one day generate billions of dollars in e-commerce, while Apple and Google already make money from smartphone owners by providing a variety of products and services, and that connecting phones to car systems will almost certainly extend their reach.

But it says that, as infotainment systems such as Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto become more widespread, auto companies hope to keep tech providers from gaining access to a wealth of potentially profitable information collected by computer systems in cars.

Some auto companies, it says, have specifically said they will not provide Apple and Google with data from the vehicle’s functional systems – steering, brakes and throttle, for instance – as well as information about range, a measure of how far the car can travel before it runs out of petrol.

It quotes Don Butler of Ford as saying that his company needs to control access to that data, “We need to protect our ability to create value” from new digital services built on vehicle data.

It adds that auto companies hope to profit from in-vehicle data in a variety of ways, including the provision of travel planning services and auto repair and service information they hope will bring drivers to dealerships.  They also expect to work with insurance companies, providing information that would allow insurers to base their rates on a driver’s behavior behind the wheel.


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