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Canadian province halts roll-out of improved red light cameras

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The government of British Columbia in Canada is halting the implementation of improvements to enforcement cameras at intersections around the province.

The TV channel Global News reports that the province rolled out red-light cameras at 140 intersections earlier this summer and that a selection of those were to be further upgraded at some point this fall to catch speeders as well, but that now Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth has said the province needs more time to review the data, and won’t be rolling out the new speed readers until the summer of 2019.

“We’re assessing the data at each of those intersections to determine what are the most dangerous intersections, where are we seeing the greatest problems,” Farnworth told Global News.  “Thirty-five of those intersections will be selected for upgraded cameras that have the ability to detect speed, particularly people going through on a green light.”


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