Californians “don’t want driverless cars in their neighbourhoods” | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Californians “don’t want driverless cars in their neighbourhoods”

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A new poll suggests that a majority of Californians don’t want driverless cars in their neighbourhoods.

San Diego’s 10 News and Union Tribune jointly questioned people about the concept and 58% of those questioned said driverless cars shouldn’t be allowed on the streets near them.

They found only 21% said they are okay with the concept while 20% are unsure.

Meanwhile the TV channel and newspaper found 31% of those surveyed say the state government should be responsible for regulating where driverless cars are allowed to drive while 23% say that should be left in the hands of the Federal Government.

“For a majority of Californians, the new technology also makes them uneasy,” the pollsters say. “32% of those surveyed say driverless cars are very unsafe while 31% say the tech is unsafe.  In contrast, 19% say the cars are safe while 12% are unsure.”


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