By 2035 “half of all new cars sold will be electric” in Australia | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

By 2035 “half of all new cars sold will be electric” in Australia

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New government analysis on electric vehicles forecasts that even if there is no policy support to drive change, half of all new cars sold in Australia in 2035 will be electric. 

The Australian government has reportedly said it will introduce a national electric vehicle strategy to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 10m tonnes by 2030.

The Guardian reports that a report published by the government’s Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economies has examined the uptake of electric vehicles in 22 countries. It found sales vary between nations but are expected to grow rapidly across the world in coming decades.

Modelling suggests the electric vehicle share of new car sales in Australia will rise from about 0.34% today to 8% in 2025. It is predicted to then leap to 27% of new car sales in 2030 and 50% in 2035 as prices of electric car technology fall, according to The Guardian.

Chief executive of industry group the Electric Vehicle Council, Behyad Jafari told The Guardian, ‘As this report shows, the destination for Australia is predetermined. The choice is how much value and benefit we capture in getting there. Globally, there is some $US300 billion being invested in the EV sector. Surely Australia should be getting a piece of the action.’

According to The Guardian the report also said that battery cost is expected to more than halve by 2025 and continue to decline.


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