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British ITS experience wanted in the Middle East – audio

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One of the world’s leading ITS consultants is urging British businesses to help the Middle East solve its transport problems.

Dubai-based Paul Glover, who gained his experience in the UK before moving to the Middle East told Smart Highways editor Paul Hutton that “the road infrastructure and the transport infrastructure [in Dubai] is still developing in terms of the public transport side for the Metro, they just put in a tram recently, but for the road infrastructure side there’s been some developments in terms of running SCOOT-based UTC so the UK has a presence there in running SCOOT… but they keep expanding at such a rate they haven’t had a chance to stop and take stock in how… technology can play a role in looking at the challenges they have locally.”

He says Middle Eastern people have a very high opinion of the British: “Some people prefer Americans, so that’s generally Kuwait, and Saudi is a mix of that, but the British market is in Bahrain, Qatar, across the UAE and most of Saudi so there are many opportunities where people can bring their consultancy and marketing advice, and with most of the Arab nations being educated in either the UK or the US there’s a real synergy and empathy between the UK and the Middle East.  So you’ve got a lot of untapped opportunity there because they’re first world countries in some respects but a third world country in how they’ve developed their transport infrastructure.”

There are occasional problems with red tape, but he says no worse than in other parts of the world, “there is a will and they need to find the way so there’s an opportunity there… so there are huge investment potential so I think there are some challenges but I think the opportunities far outweigh the challenges with investment opportunities of doing business in the Middle East.”

You can hear more from Paul here:


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