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British insurers want driverless car details

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The UK insurance industry is asking carmakers to provide data showing who was at fault in accidents involving driverless vehicles.

The BBC reports that the Association of British Insurers wants cars to collect a basic set of core data which would be made available after an accident.  It says the data would cover a period 30 seconds before and 15 seconds after any incident and would include vehicle location, whether it was in autonomous mode and whether the motorist was in the driver’s seat and had a seatbelt on.

The ABI’s Director General Huw Evans is quoted by the BBC as saying this data “would offer public reassurance by protecting motorists from being incorrectly blamed if something fails with their car, helping police investigations and supporting prompt insurance payouts.”


As an ex Police traffic accident investigator I would welcome the vehicle industry working together to produce a standard data collection point in its existing vehicles. Such data containing ALL information for the 30 sec prior and 15 sec post incident. The current system is just a jumbled mess.