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Bristol businesses voice concern over toll-free Severn Bridge

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A campaign group is warning that scrapping the Severn bridge tolls could leave the Bristol in “gridlock”.

The Bristol Post reports that North Bristol SusCom, which is an employers’ group representing 40,000 staff and 30,000 students in the city are calling for the Government to undertake detailed traffic modelling to determine what the likely increase in traffic will be and to develop a plan and provide funding to mitigate any increase in traffic.

The organisation says it fears the congestion the toll removal will generate will have a negative impact on the West of England economy, while at the moment the Government is talking only about the potential benefits.

The Bristol Posts quotes SusCom as saying that removing the tolls will stimulate the “South Wales economy at the expense of the West of England economy”.

The Post explains that at the end of the year the 80,000 cars which travel over the two bridges each day will no longer be charged, and although this has been hailed as good news by the UK and Welsh Governments, there are fears that it could lead to an influx of traffic into the region, as those currently using public transport to get in and out of the city find that driving is a cheaper option.


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