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Bosch sees growing popularity of ADAS

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The technology and services company Bosch has reported that the growing popularity of parking assistance systems is a sign that safety technology on vehicles is become far more popular.

It says the majority of new cars in the UK have park assistance as standard and almost half have emergency braking system on board and 68% featured parking assist systems, which aren’t just “cool gadgets that make driving more convenient”, they can save lives.

It says remote parking, automatic lane-keeping support, drowsiness detection are just some of the many features that buyers of new cars no longer want to do without. Installation rates of driver assistance systems are rising steadily.

“More and more car buyers want a vehicle that anticipates and even intervenes in driving manoeuvres,” says Dr Dirk Hoheisel, member of the Bosch board of management. And whether proximity alarms, parking assists, or reversing cameras there is an increasing uptake of Smart parking technologies as standard equipment across all vehicle segments in the UK Market. These are the findings from a Bosch evaluation of the 2017 statistics on newly registered cars.

The company points to analysis suggesting parking assistance systems top the list of desired features in Germany, followed by automatic emergency braking systems. The European Union is currently preparing legislation to mandate the installation of emergency braking systems which is expected to mean that all new vehicle models will have to have such a system on board from 2022.


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