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Bosch demonstrates new autonomous vehicle safety systems

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Bosch has demonstrated its Vehicle Motion and Positioning System (VMPS), which, it says uses a host of sensors to one-up the performance of systems using only GPS.

It’s a combination of the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) position signals, correction data and information from the inertial sensors, the wheel-speed sensors, and the steering-angle sensor.

According to Forbes, it all feeds into a high-performance receiver and Bosch expects VMPS to be available in North America and Europe next year.

Christian Sperrle, Engineering Manager Radar Software Management at Bosch told Forbes, ‘GPS is kind of precise but not enough for us so we’re using a correction service that really brings the precision down to like a few decimetres.’

Another technology aimed at improving performance in vehicles equipped with automated driver assist systems (ADAS) and eventually fully automated cars and trucks is Bosch’s Integrated Power Brake.

Bosch says this system accomplishes two goals: faster braking and improved fuel economy.

A version of the Integrated Power Brake is available on the Cadillac XT4 but an improved version is coming.

‘Preceding vehicles are driving and basically recording road conditions to the cloud and providing this over the cloud to other vehicles,’  Sperrle explained to Forbes. ‘At some point your system will know ahead of time what’s coming, will give you a warning and the system will either slow down or ask you to take over.’


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