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BMW’s mind-controlled car

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Money Supermarket has created a BMW i3 which can be controlled by the mind.

It’s been shown off by TV personality Carol Vorderman, who wears a neuro headset which reads thoughts in the brain.  Once the headset has been set up, it is possible to use it to “read” the thoughts of the “driver” who can control the car left, and right, faster and slower.

You can see the video here.

“The Car Insurance Epic Mind Drive is a really interesting experiment because it could be – and probably will be – something that some of us will be using in the future, another 20 years from now” Carol told BT.  “I’ve been hosting technology shows for ever and I remember on Tomorrow’s World, probably 20 years ago, we were very excited about something called automatic cruise control – of course that’s something we all take for granted now.”

MoneySuperMarket digital marketing director, David Harling, is quoted as saying: “Driverless cars are currently being road tested but until they’re an everyday reality, we know it’s as important as ever for motorists to use their heads while driving.”


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