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BMW showcases in-car personal assistant

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BMW has premiered what it calls its Intelligent Personal Assistant only a few weeks after the company also launched its integration with Amazon’s Alexa in what is being described as a complementary technology. reports that its own assistant is all about the car, while its partnerships with Amazon and also Microsoft enables other functions that aren’t directly related to your driving experience.

“BMW’s Personal Assistant gets to know you over time with each of your voice commands and by using your car,” Techcrunch quotes BMW’s senior vice president Digital Products and Services, Dieter May. “It gets better and better every single day.”

The report says that once you are in a compatible car, you’ll be able to control all of the standard in-car features by voice. “Think navigation and climate control (“Hey John, I’m cold”), or check the tire pressure, oil level and other engine settings,” it says.

The report adds that the assistant will continuously learn more about you remembering your preferred settings, but over time, it’ll learn more and even proactively suggest changes.


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